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Wolfenstein3d X - Alpha 0.2
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Alpha 0.2
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Wolfenstein 3D, often referred to as Wolf3D, you play as William J. “B.J” Blazkowicz, an Allie espionage agent during World War II. Your mission is to find the plans for Operation Eisenfaust, a Nazi scheme for building the perfect army from the bodies of the dead, thought to be within Castle Hollehammer. Caught, imprisoned, and now escaped, you are to proceed with your mission and blaze your way deep into the castle,stopping the Nazi plans.

By today’s standards, Wolf3D is unimpressive in most aspects. The graphics are blocky, the sound synthesized, and the artificial intelligence (AI) is fairly simple, but at the time the game was released, these same aspects were well ahead of their time and are what popularized Wolf3D, causing it to spread rapidly through the shareware underground of Internet Bulletin-Board Systems (BBS’s). Never before had a game combined the graphics, sound, and player control so effectively as Wolf3D, resulting in a totally fresh, immersive gaming experience.

Recently Id Software has released an open source version of Wolfenstein 3D for the iPhone, which technical director John Carmack expects to follow up with Doom "fairly soon". it does come with a fascinating, 5000-word diary of Carmack's experience working on it. Carmack tells the story of id's grand plans for the iPhone and why it's taken so long for them to come off. Apparently the Texan developer should be announcing a proper iPhone project soon "and it is cool" (thanks John), while an early Wolfenstein RPG port didn't come off because of Carmack's desire to use the iPhone's hardware renderer and not just run it in software, which was what an early EA prototype did. In typical fashion, he managed to get this up and running by himself in four days. There's also a lot in there on the process of porting Wolf 3D to iPhone - debating how much of the gameplay to update, for instance - and some interesting observations on how to handle controls. The result is a game where you can tackle any level whenever you like, with a map function, and all sorts of hidden treasures.

Well taking this facts into account I decided to start a new project called “Wolf3dX” (X for XNA). The main goal of the project is create the first multiplayer Wolfy and of course run it on the XBOX360 platform, ZUNE and PC as well.
The current source code version represents a very preliminary approach to the game, there are still a lot of work to do, however I want to thank Id Software folks, finally all the community XNA coders, most of the source code used in this game was taken from the community, currently we are not giving credits to individual developers or code fragments used here, sorry for that the true is that we don't remember all the sources we took during the development, so if you find something familiar, mail us to give you the credits

How to compile:

The game is written on C# and Visual Studio 2008 by using the XNA Framework 3.0 its pretty easy to follow, if somebody is having problems feel free to contact us directly or use the Discussion Boards

NOTE: The game uses a special font "wolfenstein.ttf" located on the folder "External Assets", you have to copy the file "wolfenstein.ttf" to "windows\Fonts" directory in order to succesfully compile the source.

Project Status - Current Working Task List:

1. Implement Doors / Secrets - 100% completed

2. Implement a 2d Map like Iphone Version - 100% completed

3. Raycast engine - 100% completed

4. AI / Enemy Finite State Machines - 100% completed

5. Spritesheets animations - 100% completed

6. Sprite Collision subsystem (collide with tables, barrels, chairs) - 100% completed

7. Music / FX subsystem - 100% completed

8. Episode subsystem - 90% completed

9. Game Logic (death conditions, winning conditions) - 0% completed

10. Network State Management - 90% completed

11. Level Editor (Currently we create / edit the levels using an Excel spreadSheet) - 0% completed

12. Create all original 60 levels. (10% completed)

13. Split Levels in Zones (0% completed)

About me:

My name is Hugo Munoz, I'm from Ecuador and hobbyist game Developer, who with a couple of folks founded a small game development company called “Nexxt Studios” , we focus our efforts developing casual games as well as non game eye candy graphics related applications, before continuing as a parenthesis on Wolf3dX source code you may encounter some namespaces like “Nexxt.Engine”, “Nexxt.Graphics”, “Nexxt.PipeLine”, so now you know why, and of course you are completely free to change it or update those namespaces to more generic ones, the code is yours now.

Within this project I'm looking to somehow contribute expanding the XNA community, you can ask questions in Spanish or English to my personal email addresses are:
(everyone is free to add us as a windows messenger contact)

Thanks for your time reading this and Enjoy!

*Wolfenstein 3D is a registered trade mark of ID software and this project is not intended to be commercial in any way

_This game is distributed as SOURCE CODE for now.

Spanish Version:

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